Search Engine Optimization- An Insight

Search engine optimization is the process to improve a site so that it may get a higher ranking on Google and hence more traffic. Though there are many ways by which a site can be optimized, one of the dishonest ways pays someone to put a link to the site surrounded by certain keywords on all kinds of random sites throughout the web. This may fool the Google algorithm into believing that the site is more important than it really is. Google considers various factors such as how many people visit the site, how often the site is updated, what keywords are used on the site that match the search and how many other sites have linked to the site. It is the linking of other sites to your site that has enraged Google.Look at this now seo optimization.

Google recently released a new version of its algorithm called Penguin that tries to undermine certain SEO practices. When you search for something within Google, their algorithm searches and try to bring you the most relevant result for your search. Google’s new penguin algorithm not only ignores links that they find irrelevant, but also punish sites by banishing them from searches all together for unscrupulous behavior. This has led to confusion about legitimately improving the site. So what else can be done to improve sites’ rank? Google has started to give more weightage to video in its searches as more and more number of people watch videos.

Someone who posts a lot of video or has a decent amount of views may expect to show up more often on the top when searched. It is important to fill out the title, tags and description with words that may make people interested in your product. Another way to improve SEO is to create original content for your viewers. Making your site social and giving users content to share may also boost your rank. When people seek information, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are the first places they visit. Without strong search engine optimizatio, a website might not be found by potential clients. You may also lose visitors if you don’t have a strong website. You should focus on attracting visitors through search and then make them stick to your site by providing the kind of information visitors were seeking. Google’s Webmaster Tools may provide an insight into what pages have the most visitors, what search queries bring traffic to your site and where your users come from. It also helps identify issues with website malware, broken links and duplicate tags.